Gudmundur Karl & Thorunn
Owners / Tour planners

We have been operating Icelandselfdrive Tours since 2012 because we simply love helping families and smaller groups to get the most out of their vacation. We both love travelling in Iceland with our kids and enjoy everything that Iceland has to offer. We want you to do the same. has become our lifestyle rather than work. We both have full-time jobs elsewhere but simply just love helping others to plan their holiday in Iceland. We do not plan to make this a full-time job so we only offer a very limited number of tours every year.

If you want to contact us then feel free to send us a line to and it will come directly to us, you can also call us to our direct phone +354-691-7706

Ps. If you like running, let us know and we might join you for some nature or city run while you are in Iceland.